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Princess Charming

Charmed Series - Book One

Aurora Maguire credits her Irish stubbornness for weathering every loss and heartbreak that life has thrown at her. It has also given her the courage to leave her family pub & brewery to start her own cupcake business. Love is the farthest thing from her mind when she waves down a knight in shining armor who happens to be an actual prince.


Prince Hugh du Clair is the spare to the heir when he falls for the funny, passionate baker who loves him unconditionally, something no one has ever done—not even his parents. But Hugh’s plans of settling down with Rory in a Massachusetts suburb come to a screeching halt when his brother marries without permission from the king, making Hugh next in line to the throne. 


Hugh has never had a good relationship with his father, but it gets even worse when he brings Rory to Asterlaine and in an effort of goodwill, she hands out cupcakes with message charms to people at the palace gates, infuriating the king. 

Rory tries everything to please the monarch to no avail. The icing on the cupcake comes when he tries to pass a new law stating Hugh can only marry someone with a royal lineage, and Hugh refuses to stand up to his father on her behalf. She leaves for home to heal the irreparable damage done to her heart. 


Months later, Rory is still avoiding him, while Hugh struggles to navigate royal life without her. With the future of Asterlaine resting on his shoulders, he finally takes matters into his own hands and goes to Rory with an unconventional idea of how they can have their happily ever after — even if it means the end of the monarchy.