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A Little Night Music

In Perfect Harmony - Book 1

Sidelined at home with a vocal cord issue and not knowing if he’ll ever sing again, rock star Tristan Morgan decides to buy a local music shop, as a backup plan.

Former violin prodigy Elise Wolf returns home after her indie rock band fails, only to discover her family sold their business to the famous lead singer. But Elise needs a job pronto and violins are all she knows. Even though she believes all rock stars are self-centered, narcissistic a$$es, she is desperate and begs Tristan for a job.

Tristan finds Elise persistent and annoying but hires her to help him sell off the inventory and also prove he is the antithesis of the rock star she believes he is. When she leaves her laptop open on an internet dating site, he uses an anonymous name and befriends her on the site. His plan is to set her straight on a few things and never meet face to face. But as they become closer, they both share secrets they are keeping, and soon Elise asks to meet him in person.

Tristan knows he’s screwed. Not only has he fallen for Elise, whether he admits his identity or tries to delicately end their online relationship, someone’s heart will be broken. And it will probably be his.