Sera Cassell

Fun, sexy romance ~ always a storybook ending.

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Unlucky-at-love Christmas tree farm owner, Megan Darling, gets a visit from Dixon Graham, nephew of the town recluse, asking her to decorate his uncle's mansion for his upcoming Christmas ball. She takes on the job, but soon Meg and Dix discover her grandparents, and Dix's ailing uncle were involved in a love triangle over fifty years ago.

While they work on turning the mansion into a winter wonderland and try to help heal the rift between the old friends, the time they are spending together is helping to melt their own icy hearts. They've both sworn off love for good, but a Christmas fling isn't out of the question. Too bad falling in love had never been part of their plan.











Ex-playboy prince Hugh du Clair is glad he's spare to the heir when falls in love with fiery American baker, Aurora "Rory" Maguire. But when he learns his brother marries without permission from their father, the King, it means he is now next in line to the throne, something he never wanted.


Hugh must go back home and insists Rory accompany him. Yet as he tries to adjust to his new role, Rory can't stop blurring the lines between royal life and her common ways. It becomes a recipe for disaster when the people of his kingdom find her down-to-earth and endearing, while the King finds her royal screw-ups anything but. 


Life with the royals becomes impossible and after being hurt by the King one too many times, Rory is heartbroken and leaves for home to Massachusetts.


Hugh truly believes Rory is his soulmate, but honor and duty have bound him to his role as future king. Not to mention, if the woman he marries can't follow royal protocol, he must let her go. It's not  until his royal staff inform him that Rory had been carrying out royal duties behind the scenes, that he realizes she navigated royal life  better than he ever could. 


Caught in the middle of the Battle Royale between his father and the love of his life, Hugh suggests family therapy at the palace because it just might be the only way they'll all find their happily ever after.

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