Sera Cassell

fun, sexy, heart-hitting romance

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Ex-playboy prince Hugh du Clair is glad he's the spare to the heir when he falls in love with Aurora, a fiery American baker. For the first time he's found a woman who loves him unconditionally and not because of his royal lineage. He is excited to see what their future holds, until his brother marries without permission from their father, the King, leaving Hugh next in line to the throne, a position he never wanted.

As Hugh adjusts to his new role, Rory never imagines that handing out cupcakes with message charms to the people of his kingdom would be a bad thing. But the King sees everything she does that way. After weeks of her ideas being shot down, getting caught by paparazzi out on the town with palace staff, and then being banned to a manor in the countryside, Rory's can't take anymore. She refuses to be untrue to herself and leaves Hugh with her heart decimated and her soul crushed.

By not standing up to the King on Rory's behalf, Hugh takes full responsibility for her leaving, but that's not helping ease the pain of his own heartbreak with her being gone. It doesn't help matters that Rory forbade him to abdicate his new position, calling it the coward's way out. Yet he can't be the next king without her by his side. To woo her back to have their happily ever after, he flys to Rory unannounced and proposes something unconventional, that will either help the monarchy thrive for years to come, or end it altogether. 

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