Sera Cassell

Fun, sexy romance ~ always a storybook ending.

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Aurora 'Rory' Maguire and her four brothers have fulfilled their father’s dream of taking his beer making hobby and turning it into The Witty Shark, a popular, state-of-the-art brewery and pub on Flynn’s Island, Massachusetts. Now Rory's got a dream of her own—to move her cupcake business from a truck to a brick and mortar bakery.

Ex-playboy prince Hugh du Clair is glad he's the spare to the heir when he falls in love with Rory, a fiery American baker. But when his brother marries without permission from their father, the King, it means Hugh is now next in line to the throne, a position he never wanted.

As Hugh adjusts to his new role, Rory never imagined that handing out cupcakes with message charms to the people of his kingdom would be a bad thing. After weeks of her ideas being shot down, getting caught by paparazzi out on the town with palace staff, and then being banned by the King to a manor in the countryside, Rory refuses to be untrue to herself. Heartbroken, she leaves Hugh. 

But Hugh only wants Rory for his queen. To get her back and have their happily ever after, he does something drastic that will either help the monarchy or end it altogether. 


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