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When my kids were younger, we went to Vans Warped Tour, a music festival where we got to see all their favorite bands of various music genres from power pop, alternative rock, to punk rock. A one-day sweat fest, but worth all the memories. 

When I wrote A LITTLE NIGHT MUSIC, that type of music was the inspiration I imagined Tristan Morgan and YOUR MOTHER’S WORST NIGHTMARE would perform. 

Thanks to AI, I’ve come up with something that I believe Tristan, Nate, Josh, and Cory would write and sing. To be clear, I write all the words in my books myself, but for this project I have used AI for the instrumental tracks and also had some help with the song lyrics from a lyric generator. I prompted it with lyrics I wished to be included and the generator did the rest.

Two of the songs that Tristan talks about in this story are, Take Us Home, and A Little Night Music or Elise’s song. Also included is a lullaby that, although not mentioned in the book, I imagined Tristan would most likely have composed for his daughter. 

So my reader friends, I present a collection of eight songs in an ‘album’ titled, CHASING ECHOES, by the fictitious (but very much real in my heart) band, YOUR MOTHER’S WORST NIGHTMARE. You can hear a preview the songs here:

Full length songs will be available soon on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes and Amazon music.

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